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The Coffee Grinder: An Investment For Your Morning Ritual

No kitchen is complete without a coffee grinder. Waking up in the morning and grinding up a fresh batch of coffee beans and throwing it into the coffee maker, then anticipating that first sip of fresh hot coffee! Now that is the good life!

Coffee lovers will tell you that the best coffee comes from beans that have been ground just before the coffee is brewed. Old Time coffee drinkers know this by heart!

What Makes a Great Coffee Grinder?

When it comes to coffee grinders, there two basic types. One is called burr grinder and the others are called blade grinders. The difference between these two is basically how the beans are processed. Blade coffee grinders use a spinning blade to grind up the coffee beans. Burr grinders use burrs to grind up coffee beans. Burrs resemble plates with gears on them. One of the burrs is stationary, while the other one spins and grinds up the coffee beans.

When trying to make a great cup of coffee, you has to keep a couple things in mind. The taste of coffee will be affected by heat and uniformity. What this means is, heat is undesirable in a coffee grinder because it damages the coffee beans. The process of grinding coffee is relatively violent, because both blade and burr grinders can produce some heat. And of course, the faster the grinding mechanism runs; the more heat is being generated. Even finer grinds generate heat because of the extra time it takes to grind the coffee beans.

For those who are concerned about the quality of their coffee, one can purchase a low speed burr grinder. A low speed burr will likely be more expensive. As well it will take longer to grind the coffee beans. The coffee purists will swear by these coffee grinders as the only way to go for a perfect cup of coffee.

Another very important factor is the uniformity of the grind. With the brewing process, the water spends a certain amount of time passing over the grinds. The uniform grinds are much more efficient at imparting flavor to the water. At first glance, the average coffee drinker may not be able to distinguish coffee that was ground from a blade grinder vs. a burr grinder, but, to a coffee purist, they will notice the difference. The blade grinder is not very good at creating a uniform grind. However, with burr grinders, they produce an exceptional uniform grind resulting in a much tastier cup of coffee.

Quite frankly, it’s a no brainer when it comes to selecting a coffee grinder. The burr grinder is really the only way to go. However, some of the higher end models can cost several hundred dollars, thus putting them out of reach for some of the coffee lovers. This doesn’t mean that a small budget will always get a poor coffee grinder.

Best to do a search here for burr coffee grinders. You can pick up a very nice coffee grinder that won't break your budget. The selection is almost endless. Most coffee lovers consider a coffee grinder to be an investment and not an expense. After all, who can put the dollar value on a fantastic cup of coffee each and every morning? Yes, it is the good life! ads