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When it comes to buying a coffee maker, I’ve found that there are five core issues that consumers hone in on before they shell out money to buy a particular model and brand.

I’m the kind of person who strongly believes that there’s no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to buying anything. We all have different priorities, even with coffee makers.

I might be willing to spend a small fortune on mine, while you’re being budget conscience. Or maybe I’m horrible at remembering to turn off or clean my coffee machine, so those features are important to me, when to you, it’s as easy as remembering to brush your teeth each morning.

I want to start with taste – because no matter how much you spend or how fancy the coffee maker looks, if the taste of your brew is awful, it will ruin every morning of your existence.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

One of the reasons I like to recommend the Hamilton Beach 49980Z Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker to people who put taste at the forefront of what’s important in buying a coffeemaker, is because it comes with a mind-blowing amount of personalization features.

The personalization options are what bring the flavor of the coffee to its best for you. One person may like stronger coffee, while another likes weak coffee. Some can’t drink coffee that’s sat over an hour, while others could sip on an entire pot throughout the day.

The Hamilton Beach lets you decide how your coffee preferences should be set, while many of the other coffeemakers give you either zero or few options – you’re stuck with whatever they think is good for you.

Brewing coffee is an experience, not just a drink. Everything matters – from whether or not you spill water over the edge to whether the coffee maker beeps to remind you to grab a cup before you rush out the door.

Is Cost a Factor in Your Decision to Buy a Coffeemaker?

Cost is a funny issue when it comes to coffee. There are some people who will forego many things to be able to purchase their Starbucks each morning. Others just need a little dose of caffeine and since taste and features take a backseat, price is their number one concern.

Coffeemakers come in a wide range of price points. You can get some under $10 that are really not worth investing in, and some that are hundreds of dollars and chock full of features.

Remember, there’s no shame in being someone who just wants a decent tasting cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Just like there’s nothing wrong with considering coffee your luxury splurge of the day.

All of us are different, and you have a lot of coffee maker models to choose from to meet your personal needs. ads